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Chimneys & Flues

Twin Wall Insulated Flue

We offer double skin insulated flue.  By using a double skin insulated flue system, a stove can be installed practically anywhere, and no existing chimney is needed to fit the flue system.

Single Wall Flue

We supply flue liners in stainless steel and all single skin flue pipe either in stainless steel or vitreous enamel.

Flexible Flue Liners

We can advise you on what flexible flue lining system is best for you and supply all the materials necessary.  We can supply Class I or Class II Chimney liners at either 316 or 901 Grade of Stainless steel. All the flexible flue liners and flue lining systems we use have C.S.T.B. approval.

Chimney Cowls

Do you have a problem with:  

  • Downdraft ?   
  • Rain coming in ?  
  • Lack of Draw ? 
  • Birds  nesting in the chimney ?

You need a chimney cowl from our large selection of quality chimney cowls.  No matter what style of chimney you have we have the chimney cowl to fit and solve your problem  !!!

Register Plates

If a stove is to be fitted into a fireplace then the throat of the fireplace has to be sealed off using a register plate.

Our register plate’s are made from 2.5mm steel and have a hole for the flue pipe, clips to hold it to the wall, a clamp to hold the flue liner or a sweeping trap.

Each register plate if custom made to your measurements.

Roof Flashings

Roof flashings make the join between your flue pipe and roof watertight with our wide range of roof flashings for wood-burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves.

Chimney Sweeping

Sweeping your chimney is essential for your safety as it removes the tar and deposits that cause chimney fires.  Please contact us for more information.